• What are our water bottles made of?
    Our bottle clips are made from a very durable and easily recyclable material. They can be produced in most any custom color.
  • Is this a USA made product?
    Our product is made here in the USA, providing employment for hard working Americans.
  • Can we make specific types of clips to order in bulk?
    Clips can be made in many colors. Minimums apply and lead times can usually be done in 2-4 weeks. Please contact us through our convenient ONLINE FORM, or give us a call at: (913) 837-8237.
  • Can I get samples?
    We have smaller amounts available on our site. 24 Pack or contact us for something specific. Please contact us through our convenient ONLINE FORM, or give us a call at: (913) 837-8237.
  • How can I use these clips?
    Snap the clip on your bottle, hang it on your belt, golf cart, wheel chair, almost anywhere. The only simple way to carry a bottle hands free.
  • Can we get a custom marking on the product?
    We can hot stamp your logo on the bottleclip. For a small charge for the die and per piece cost you can have your event, park, etc. on the clip.
  • Is there a UPC code on the clip?
    We can put a tag on the clip if desired for easy point of sale scanning. Our Impulse container comes with each clip tagged in a container.
  • How many Bottle Clips come in an impulse container?
    100 clips are in each container ready to put on the shelf.
  • How are the Impulse Containers identified?
    We identify the standard container by this product ID scheme: IP-# Eample: IP-1 is our basic color set, 100 pcs, 25 of each color: Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green with UPC coded tags on each clip.
  • What are your standard colors?
    Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple. Florescent: Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Green


    Black, White, Gray, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Purple. Florescent: Pink, Orange, Yellow, and Green
  • Can I get a custom color?
    Yes, contact us with your needs and we work together to get them made. There is minimum quantities for custom orders. There are a large set of standard colors available to choose
  • Can we get camouflage colored clips?
    Generally not, this is very hard to do and maintain a good quality part.
  • What colors are available in an Impulse container?
    IP-1 has Red, Yellow, Blue, and Green
    IP-2 has Black, White, Gray and Purple
    IP-3 has Florescent colors of, Pink, Orange, Yellow and Green
    IP-color: you pick the color or colors you want. Up to 4 individual colors per container.
  • How many Impulse Containers come in a carton?
    They are packaged in 4 Impulse containers per carton. This is the standard minimum purchase size for our standard color mix sets.
  • Can I mix Impulse containers in each carton?
    No, a standard carton contains 4 Impulse Containers. They are packaged this way so the carton contents can be identified.
  • Can I purchase bulk Clips not in a container without the UPC code or tags?
    Yes, just contact us with your needs. Please contact us through our convenient ONLINE FORM, or give us a call at: (913) 837-8237.
  • I have seen other types of bottle holding methods, why are yours different?
    Our clip was one of the first if not the first clip ever produced; there are several copies but not nearly as good and cost more. Ours are very tough, they can be dropped, used over and over without the fear of breaking or bending. Unlike metal clips our tongs going around the neck of the bottle do not need to be re-bent to hold or the fear of getting cut on sharp metal edges.
  • I am interested in being a distributor to retailers I service, how does this work?
    We ship by the standard GMA pallet, 48"x40" to your facility.
  • What are the typical margins on the clips if I were to resell them?
    This varies by the venue. We have dealers selling them from $1 to $5 each. Craft Fairs get a little more per clip than a standard grocery store because they generally have a "booth" purchase for the event, usually $3-$5 range. Theme parks will sell in the $2-$3 range. It really depends on your environment.
  • Are they difficult to sell?
    Once someone sees one and how simple they work, they sell themselves.
  • How long do they last?
    We have customers that use the same clip for years and years. They will get lost before they break.
  • What if I want to get some and use them as a "Give-Away" at an event like a trade show?
    A bulk purchase is the easiest way, then when you get them label them with your name. Many who do this use a standard clear mailing label like Avery label 38667. You print the desired information on the label and stick it on the clip. Fast, easy and lets you make a quick impression. Contact us with your needs and we can make it a simple process for you. Bulk sales quantities of 400 pcs minimum in increments of 100 thereafter.



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